Great Britain emerged as the most powerful colonial power from 1850 onwards upto end of the World War 2, surpassing the might of the early movers — Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, and also of its once-formidable neighbour France.

How did they score this clear lead ?

First, the British Navy had developed as England’s major defense as early as the period 1558–1603 under reign of Elizabeth 1. This naval supremacy would become the means by which the British Empire was to later extend around the globe.

Second, the Industrial Revolution was born in England, giving the latter a clear headway…

Cold War may have ended decades ago but James Bond-styled subversive activities continue because the arena of ‘International Relations’ is driven by ‘Realism’ .

Simply put, Realism means, ‘Every State seeks to fulfill its vested interests over the interests of other states to ensure its supremacy and survival’.

Please read the shocking revelations of an ISRO warrior scientist, Tapan Misra who was poisoned and barely came out alive to tell his ordeal . The modus operandi points to the hand of a CIA/MI6 type of organisation. And the year is 2017 when Trump was the president of USA, and Theresa…

Many of us carry idiosyncrasies rooted in childhood experiences. Mine was a secret favouritism for the Sikhs over any other Indian identity, because of the history of this warrior-offshoot* of “Sanatan Dharma”, to the extent that I would be more remorseful of a Sikh soldier laying his life for the nation versus a non-sikh — an idiosyncrasy that I would hide, curb and battle with, using humane logic that all lives are sacrosanct.

(Note:*Guru Gobind Singh ji was a devotee of Devi Durga as seen in his composition of Chandi Di Var)

Having been born and brought up in Punjab…

There never was a religion in ancient India because “Sanatan Dharma” , the cultural ethos of India never prescribed one.

“Sanatan Dharma”, a way of life, represents six schools of philosophy— “Purva Mimamsa”, “Vedanta”, “Sankhya-Yog” and “Nyaya-Vaisheshika”. These six are alike because they consider “The Vedas” as the ultimate authority. “Vedanta” prescribes to the philosophical aspect of the Vedas, ie “The Upanishads”, while only “Purva Mimamsa”, out of the six, prescribes the observance of Vedic rituals. So “Purva Mimamsa” is on one end of the spectrum and “Vedanta” on the other.

Additionally, “Sanatan Dharma” also comprises five major heterodox (ie…

Why the fuss, in recent years, about retelling Indian History? And, why reinforce its ancient culture? After all, these are well in the past?

Because Indians have shied away from their culture, for long, developing a distaste for it and now suffer a loss of their ‘Cultural Identity’.

Due to this alienation from their ancient culture, Indians have sought refuge in different identities, making India a hotbed of ‘Identity Politics’.

In all of this India’s ‘National Identity’ has fractured which is why, a few years ago, there was even a proposal to place a battle-tank on a university campus to…

History is repeating itself as we sit quarantined in the Covid-19 pandemic. A 102 years ago, the world was in a similar position when hit by a virus that unleashed one of the deadliest pandemics in the recorded history of mankind. Known as the Spanish Flu of 1918, it infected 1 out of 3 people across the globe and killed anywhere between 17 to 50 million during the two years that it lasted.

Understandably, people are turning to the Spanish Flu today to predict the outcome of Covid-19 and to learn lessons, if any. However, Covid-19 is nothing like the…

Out of sheer curiosity I googled Kylie Jenner and stumbled upon her recent video. Jenner is no ordinary 21 year old. She comes with the tag of the ’10 most followed on Instagram in the world’. This supposedly jaw dropping video had me dropping my jaw but for all the wrong reasons. I shall tell you why!

The value system of the Western World, albeit well-established in its hollowness and well reflected in this video is based on the ‘Protestant form of Extreme Capitalism’, a driving force for the 225-year old success story of USA, of USA as we know…

It is rare when I dedicate an unfettered hour to a Youtube video .

But I did so because this was no ordinary video ! Dating to 2007, it was a passionate speech being made by a rising luminary, who in the years to come, was to take the world by storm.

He was addressing a group of journalists many of whom have acquired notorious reputations ever since and are infamously known as the ‘Lutyens Media’.

The gathering was for the annual ‘Hindustan Times Leadership Summit’ and the speaker was none other than Narendra Modi, Gujarat Chief Minister back then…

If India frowning at Trump’s unilateralist stance on Jerusalem as seen in its UN vote came as a surprise to a few, the continued pace of warming of Indo-Israel relations in spite of such a vote should not ! So we have Netanyahu visiting us in January 2018 even while Modi plans his Palestine visit thereafter.

So why is Israel being able to take India’s unsupporting UN vote in its stride ?

First, Israel could do with as many friends across the globe, especially if these are emerging powers that India is, with which it has much in common both…

India, in recent years, has been called undemocratic, un-secular, intolerant and lately an authoritarian State with an emerging agenda of Hindutva (Hindu Nationalism). These anti-India outbursts have stemmed from many quarters, snowballed further by the virility of the social media.

Common to most outbursts is the misuse of Indian Secularism and the Freedom of Speech — tools to berate the Indian State. Aswini K. Mohapatra, professor at JNU, sees this misuse of Secularism, often dubbed as Pseudo-Secularism in the emerging counter arguments, as “a ploy to deny an alternative perspective to emerge…drawn on our historical experiences, philosophical traditions, and spirituality”…

Ekta Dhillon Kashyap

(Gold Medallist) Masters in International Politics - Jamia Millia Islamia; MBA-Marketing & Sales, IMT Ghaziabad; B.Com (Honours), Sri Ram College of Commerce

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